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Zurich – Protection for the road ahead

Vehicle Service Contract

You take care of more important things and let us take care of your vehicle.

With the protection of a Zurich vehicle service contract, you pay only a small deductible for a covered repair. Without the protection, you can expect to pay expensive repair bills.

Protection for the road ahead

Zurich vehicle service contracts provide coverage for parts and labor costs to repair or replace major components parts.

Flexible Options

The cost of your service contract can be purchased separately or easily attached to your monthly payment for a small amount each month. This will help eliminate unexpected major repair costs.

Higher Resale Value

Your Zurich contract can be transferred to the next owner of your vehicle for a better resale price. You can actually recapture some of the cost of your service contract even after you’ve enjoyed its benefits.

Nationwide Acceptance

Dealerships and repair facilities across the United States and Canada will honor Zurich vehicle service contracts. You can have your vehicle repaired in your hometown or while you’re away from home.

If you’ve ever experience an unexpected mechanical breakdown, you know the inconvenience and expense involved. Just one major repair can cost you considerable time and money – unless you have a Zurich vehicle service contract. Zurich provides five program options. You select the level of protection that’s best for you. Our business manager will go over all of these options with you.

Confidence, Reliability, Protection, Satisfaction…Zurich


A Zurich maintenance contract ensures the carefree use of your vehicle by providing coverage for services recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. You’ll receive an ID card to present to the service writer at your selling dealership. Simply bring your vehicle to the dealership for the specified maintenance services. Service professionals who know your vehicle will perform the maintenance services.

With five service intervals and five terms to choose from, you select the plan that works best for you.

Service Intervals

3,000 miles
3,750 miles
5,000 miles
7,500 miles
10,000 miles


1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years

With each maintenance plan, up to two service levels will be provided. The number of times each service level is performed is based on the term and service interval you select. Vehicle Service Contracts
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